6th Sustainable Airport Areas International Seminar, Atlanta


Representing over 30 public- and private-sector players who work on the appeal and international promotion of the Paris CDG Airport Area, the Hubstart Paris Region® Alliance will be holding the 6th Sustainable Airport Area International Seminar on September 21st and 22th, 2016 in Atlanta, in keeping with a partnership signed with Atlanta City Hall in 2011.

Initially organized by the Hubstart Paris Region Alliance in 2011 and bringing together international speakers hailing from the world’s major airport areas in Europe, the United States and Asia, this event attracts a great number of participants every year and provides an opportunity to:
•    Establish a shared dialogue about applying sustainable development goals to airport areas (diversified business growth, balanced real-estate development, societal and environmental acceptability etc.)
•    Discuss best practices that have been implemented or any observed problem issues
•    Enhancing Paris CDG Airport Area as a world-class reference among airport places

The 5 previous editions of the seminar (held in Paris CDG Airport Area, Shanghai-Pudong and Atlanta) were highly successful, bringing together over 30 international speakers and attracting about 900 participants.

The 6th seminar will specifically focus on jobs and training and on the development of human resources as a key factor in the sustainability of any airport area:
What part do human resources and skills play in the appeal of an airport area and in the competitiveness of its businesses?
How is the issue of jobs for local residents handled by airport areas in Europe, America and Asia?
How do we anticipate the changes in skills and qualifications requirements, and how do we provide appropriate educational courses?
How do we create an appealing, dynamic setting for businesses, employees and residents?

In a bid to answer those questions and over a period of two days, the Hubstart Paris Region Alliance will gather representatives of Paris CDG Airport Area and international experts from such airport areas as Atlanta, Seattle, Shanghai-Pudong, Chengdu, Beijing, Seoul, Hong-Kong, Moscow, Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, as well as representatives from the Airport Regions Conference (ARC) and renowned academics.

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2nd Metropolis workshop about sustainable airport areas

By way of a prelude to the international seminar, the 2nd Metropolis Association workshop will be held on September 20, and will be moderated by the IAU Ile-de-France (Paris Region Urban and Planning Institute).
This workshop is intended to help participants discuss their experiences and identify best practices and recommendations in bolstering the planning, development and sustainable management of their airport areas regarding business growth, urban development, transport and governance.
The 1st workshop took place last October in Paris, bringing together 31 participants over 2 days (Click here to know more).

This workshop cycle will foster the creation of a shared set of references in “best practices” in sustainable development and construction among airport areas, leading to a better assessment of the challenges in their surrounding regions and providing a means to test those “best practices” within the Metropolis Association, ultimately helping to set up appropriate policies.
A guide will be published and will be introduced at the Metropolis World Congress in 2017.

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Business meetings concerning development opportunities within Greater Paris / Paris CDG Airport Area

The trip to Atlanta will also be an opportunity for Hubstart Paris Region® Alliance partners to promote Paris CDG Airport Area among businesses in Greater Atlanta and the South-Western United States.

A seminar will be held on September 22, in partnership with Atlanta City Hall, Invest Atlanta and the French American Chamber of Commerce. Greater Paris Investment Agency Managing Director Chiara Corazza, together with the Val d’Oise Economic Expansion Committee Managing Director Jean-François Benon, will introduce the business opportunities relating to Greater Paris projects and to the business momentum of the Paris CDG Airport Area.

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