Air freight

Globally, air freight makes up only two per cent of the total volume of cargo, but 30 per cent of its total value. The Hubstart Paris® area, just north of Paris, is leading cargo hub in Europe, and the gateway to markets right across the continent and the rest of France.

Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, Europe’s number one for air freight

Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport is a vital connection between the world’s major economic and tourist regions, and in 2009 it handled nearly 58 million passengers, making it the world’s sixth largest.
On the cargo side, in the same year, just over two million tonnes of goods and mail were loaded or unloaded here. Some 46 per cent of cargo is carried in the holds of passenger aircraft. The airport is Europe’s number one cargo hub, and fifth in the world.

Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, the busiest connection point in Europe

Thanks to its superb technical and operational capabilities, Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport is the busiest hub in Europe, with the highest number of potential connections between medium and long haul flights. The airport handles 168 airlines and around 518,000 flights every year.
It combines and connects cargo and passenger networks, and the networks of FedEx and La Poste.

The number and standard of its runways and the quantity of land available for development have enabled Paris-Charles de Gaulle to develop a triple hub that’s unlike anything else in Europe. Its three components are:

The biggest names in air freight are at Hubstart Paris®

Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and its immediate surroundings are home to all the key players in the cargo value chain:

The presence of business associations is another contributor to the strength of the industry in the Hubstart Paris® area:

Superb facilities for air freight

Thanks to its superb facilities, Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and its surrounding area have an annual cargo handling capability of some 3.5 million tonnes, with current levels at over two million tonnes of cargo and mail.

The benefits offered by Paris-Charles de Gaulle are founded on an outstanding handling capability at the aircraft themselves, backed up by on-airport and off-airport logistics facilities that are modern, diverse and extremely efficient.
Aéroports de Paris provides air freight companies with a comprehensive selection of real estate, notably with single- or multi-occupant freight terminals.

Cargo Information Network:
This is an electronic system that will act as an interface between the computer systems of all participants in the air freight process, including the customs services. The Cargo Information Network will greatly simplify the exchange of data between companies and speed up cargo handling on the ground, as well as improving traceability. When it’s launched in 2011, it will be a key technological component in the competitiveness and attraction of Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

The IATA e-freight project aims to take the paper out of the air freight supply chain, by replacing paper documentation with electronic data. The initiative will involve carriers, freight forwarders, ground handlers, shippers and customs authorities. With its adoption at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, France is one of 30 countries (with a total of 310 airports) signed up to the scheme.

Fast and efficient customs clearance

Landmark development projects to help the freight industry grow

The Euro Carex project aims to enhance air/rail compatibility across the whole of Europe. Where conditions are suitable, it will move cargo to a new high-speed rail network rather than carry it on short or medium haul flights. In the first phase, inspired by Roissy Carex, matching facilities have been set up in Lyon, Liege, London and Amsterdam, and Germany is soon to follow suit.
The major global and European air freight companies are heavily involved in the project – companies like Aéroports de Paris, FedEx, UPS, TNT, Groupe La Poste, Air France Cargo and WFS.
By promoting compatibility between modes of transport for pre- and post-delivery of express mail and cargo, the Carex project will also promote the economic growth of air freight at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, as well as forming a key component of the sustainable development strategy of Aéroports de Paris.

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