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Hubstart Paris®, the undisputed leader in business aviation

An undisputed expert in the sphere of business aviation, Hubstart Paris® includes Europe’s number one business aviation airport, Paris-Le Bourget, and two complementary sites, Pontoise–Cormeilles-en-Vexin airport and Melun-Villaroche aerodrome. A long list of companies are also established there, and operate in a wide range of sectors: research, testing, manufacture, maintenance and training.

Just seven kilometres from Paris, this is Europe’s undisputed leader in business aviation, with 58,000 flights to or from 800 destinations (70 per cent of which were outside France) in 2009 alone. Over a total area of 553 hectares, there are 30 hectares earmarked for development, over 1,300 square metres of office space and 3,800 square metres of industrial space available now to accommodate incoming companies.

Paris-Le Bourget airport is home to every sector of business aviation, from charter companies and manufacturers to aircraft maintenance and flying training organisations. Seventy-five companies are already established here, of which 15 are executive charter firms and seven provide support services. Among the most prestigious names here are Air France Industrie, Dassault Falcon Service and the IXAIR Group.

Every two years, Paris-Le Bourget plays host to the international Paris Air Show, the largest of its kind in the world. This global gathering of the aircraft industry’s biggest names, as well as the presence of the third largest exhibition park in the Paris region and the national aviation museum, the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace, make Paris-Le Bourget airport an ever-buzzing hive of innovation and a superb showcase for technology and the exchange of ideas.

Its modernisation programme is in harmony with the determination of political and economic decision-makers to develop a thriving regional centre of excellence as part of the Grand Paris project. At the heart of the real estate development programme are major projects to reshape the area, a scheme to create a new hotels and services sector, the establishment of new types of industry and the creation of a business village equipped with industrial facilities and office space.

This airport is situated 35 kilometres outside Paris, and in the immediate vicinity of two important business hubs: the built-up areas of Cergy-Pontoise and the Seine valley. With a footprint of 235 hectares, this airport hub west of the Hubstart Paris® area is equipped with high-performance airport facilities and infrastructures, and has an impressively high capacity.

With its executive and general aviation activities, backed up by the operational capacity provided by two superbly equipped runways, Pontoise–Cormeilles-en-Vexin is also the home of an annual international air show which takes place every September.

Among the companies already established here are Ameridair, French Aviation Handling, FL Maintenance, Pontoise Aéro training, etc.

Forty kilometres south-east of Paris, this aerodrome has a footprint of 480 hectares, of which 26 hectares are available for development right now. Among the companies already established here are SNECMA, Hispano Suiza, SMA, Teuchos, Aéro Sotravia, Assystem, LH Aviation, etc.

All the industry’s biggest names have chosen to set up here

Every sector of executive aviation is already very well represented in the Hubstart Paris® area, thanks to the presence of the industry’s biggest names: Aéroports de Paris, Air France, Dassault Falcon Service, Embraer, Eurocopter, EADS SECA, Safran, Thales, Sagem Défense Sécurité and more. The dense network of small and medium-sized companies is a further driving factor in the area, with Aertec, Certia, Alcoa, Cefival, Chromalloy, Darta Goodrich Actuation, Lisi Aerospace, Aircraft Interior Products and more.

Where innovation is a way of life

In the Hubstart Paris® area, innovation is a vital part of everyday life:

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