Eco activities

Eco activities, also known as ‘clean technologies’, add up to a turnover of 17 billion euros in the Paris region, or 47 per cent of turnover in France and 2.4 per cent of turnover in Europe.
The industry enjoys an extremely favourable situation in France, thanks to the national agreements of "the grenelle Environment round table", more specifically in the Paris region, to strong public sector support which has resulted in a large number of public-private initiatives.

The Paris region is the leading hub for clean technologies in France, with more than 110,000 people and over 1,100 organisations working in the industry.
The specialities of these organisations are very diverse: waste disposal, water purification, energy conservation, renewable energy, environmental chemistry, air quality and more.

Hubstart Paris® is a key participant in this sphere of activity, with the local presence of a number of leading companies, first-class research centres, innovative infrastructures and facilities, and a growing number of eco-certified projects at and around the area’s airports.

Leading companies and major facilities

Waste disposal:

Energy conservation and renewable energy:

Water purification:

Environmental chemistry:

Air quality:

In terms of soil quality, Hubstart Paris® is a protected and bio-diverse area: Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Le Bourget airports contain, respectively, 1,400 and 380 hectares of green space, and the surrounding area includes two sites with Natura 2000 certification, and two natural parks.

Local networks of sustainable businesses

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