Safety and security

A booming market in the Paris-Charles de Gaulle area

The security industry currently generates a turnover of 350 billion euros across the world, with an average increase of ten to 12 per cent every year.
The possibilities to develop and extend this market are legion at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and its surrounding area:

 An industry that’s enormously diverse

 The involvement of the world’s major security brands

 A dense network of small and medium-sized companies with a huge variety of specialisms:

A large number of secondary and higher education faculties offer courses linked to the safety and security industry, thereby firmly rooting it in technological innovation: these include ESIEE, EBI (Ecole Biologique Industrielle), EISTI, Paris 8 and Paris 13 universities, and more.

A sector arranged in networks

The Pays de Roissy S2 R2 (Sécurité-Sûreté-Réseau-Roissy) network

Founded in 2008, through an initiative led by the Pays de Roissy-CDG association, this network aims to bring together all companies that design or provide security and safety solutions in the Paris-Charles de Gaulle area, in order to offer a global approach to the installation of security equipment (CCTV, entrance controls) – especially to the area’s major ordering parties and local authorities.
The Pays de Roissy-CDG has been active since 2003, and is made up of a large number of socioeconomic and political bodies involved in local life in the Paris-Charles de Gaulle area.

GIMES is the professional association of all manufacturers of security-related electronic equipment. Its members inform, train and advise installers, security professionals, consultants, distributors and users about the functions and operation of their products.

The Systematic competitiveness hub
Systematic is the Paris region’s world-class competitiveness hub on the theme of design, production and expert use of complex systems. The hub is both a ‘technological innovations factory’, thanks to its research and development projects, and an innovation cluster firmly rooted in the Paris region.
More than 540 organisations are involved in the hub’s R&D network: small and medium-sized companies, research centres, training establishments and local authorities.
And beyond the collaborative R&D programmes, the hub has an ‘ecosystem’ of 650 innovative small and medium-sized companies.

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