Sustainable Airport Areas International Seminar: Special edition Paris Climate 2015


Bringing together more than 30 public and private players to serve the international appeal and promotion of the Paris CDG Airport Area, the Hubstart Paris Region® Alliance has been holding an International Seminar since 2011 that addresses the issue of Sustainable Airport Areas.

Founded on a gathering of international speakers hailing from the major airport areas of Europe, the United States and Asia, every edition of the event attracts a very large crowd of participants and leads a series of issue-focused conferences to deliver the following:

  • Provide elements for a shared discussion about the sustainable development of airport areas (diversified business growth, balanced real-estate development, social and environmental acceptability etc.)
  • Sustain a dialogue about best practises and innovations, and a debate about successful initiatives
  • Enhance the worldwide profile of the Paris CDG Airport Area

The initial four seminars – held in 2011 and 2013 in Paris, in 2012 in Atlanta, and in 2014 in Shanghai-Pudong – were a great success, bringing together more than 30 international speakers and about 700 participants. 


As the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) is soon to be held within Paris-Le Bourget’s territory, the new upcoming Sustainable Airports Areas International Seminar will be devoted to the issue of fighting climate change, and in a wider perspective to the solutions and initiatives driven by businesses and local authorities to ensure sustainable development throughout our region...

So the upcoming seminar will be held:

on October 28th, 2015
at Paris CDG Airport Area
Theme: “Sustainable Airport Areas: Living labs for an environment-friendly development


The programme:

  • A day for dialogue about progress in airport area development towards more “sustainability” and about their role as “laboratories” for economic, societal and environmental innovation

  • Two panels to illustrate initiatives and innovations from airport areas in Europe, Asia and the United States in fighting climate change (CO2 emissions, energy management, renewable energy, sustainable construction, mobility etc.) and in safeguarding resources (land, water, biodiversity, farming/landscapes/heritage etc.)

  • Taking part will be numerous international partners  of the Hubstart Paris Region® Alliance, including Atlanta and Shanghai-Pudong airport areas, as well as representatives from foreign metropolitan cities that are members of the Metropolis Association and who are partaking in the on-going initiative “How to build a sustainable airport area ”, helmed by the Paris Region Planning and Development Institute. An initial workshop is planned in Paris on October 26th and 27th, 2015 (for further information, please click here).

The Hubstart Paris Region® Alliance will also welcome input from the Airport Regions Conference, which will present the findings of the AIR study, conducted as part of a European Union interregional cooperation scheme which has helped to list the solutions and best practices implemented by 10 European airport platforms and sectors (including Paris CDG Airport Area) in cutting down on CO2 emissions.



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